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Thousands of natural therapy clients have come to Mother Nature's Clinic, seeking treatment for a wide variety of health issues.  In almost every case, they sought our services based on a personal word-of-mouth recommendation from someone they knew -- a family member, friend, co-worker or neighbor, who had previously been treated at our clinic with very satisfactory results.  We've always felt that's the best type of advertising!  The following testimonials offer a few examples of what satisfied clients are saying about our therapy services, and the health benefits they've realized as a result.


Mom and Infant

       “Over the years I have been to Mother Nature’s clinic on numerous occasions when Terry has treated me for a variety of health issues. Her knowledge about the internal workings of the body in relation to the external environment allowed her to really get to the root of my problems. To my delight, Terry was able to resolve my issues when doctors could not.

      “When my daughter was a baby, she had a blocked tear duct. At my appointment, Terry informed me that she could help her. In one treatment, my daughter’s blocked tear duct, which had been blocked for months, was completely unblocked. The result was almost instant. Sure beat surgery, which otherwise might have been necessary for her.

      “ I have recommended Terry to a number of people and will continue to do so. She is amazing! Thank you Terry for the work you do.”

R.Z. – Dartmouth, NS


Migraines and Allergies

"When I started coming to see Terry, I was having migraines and I was lactose intolerant. As a result of her treatments, I am now free of the migraines, and can eat all the cheese I want!”

C.B. – Dartmouth, NS


Concussion Recovery

       "I have been seeing Terry at Mother Nature's for about the past decade. I went to her for a number of reasons/conditions: chronic sinus, anxiety, hypertension and, for the past three years, treatment for a severe concussion which affected my visual cortex in the cerebellum part of the brain. The 'energy' work/procedures/techniques have really helped me in my recovery of this brain injury. The work that Terry does is more than the actual 'procedures' she chooses to use. Her holistic approach enhances the treatments she administers to her clients. I would not have done as well as I have in my recovery of the concussion if it wasn't for Terry. I highly recommend her to anybody who is suffering needlessly and doesn't know where to turn."

J.C. - Lawrencetown, N.S.


Years of Benefits

      “For the past six years, Terry has been successfully addressing our health issues, and successfully treating them. . . which traditional medicine has not been able to accomplish. Her approach is professional as well as caring.”

E.R.H. Halifax, NS


     “I have been going to Terry at Mother Nature’s Clinic for over eight years and, thanks to Terry, I have: four children. . . when I could not get pregnant; no allergies. . . when I’d been on puffers and medication for asthma and allergies since childhood; very few colds or viruses. . . when I was a chronic bronchitis sufferer. I have a better relationship with my step-daughter, with whom I never spoke; my children now have no allergies; and my husband, the sceptic, has fewer joint pains and more flexibility. The list goes on and on. I have recommended Terry to about 30 people over the years, and everyone who has visited Terry’s clinic has thanked me enormously!! She’s amazing!!!”


J.W. Fall River, NS


       “I have been a patient of Terry Sheehy's for quite a few years now and, without her and the treatments, I would not have made it through some days, or been able to function at times. I have received treatments of NMT, cupping, moxibustion, and acupuncture. These types of treatments have worked well for me specifically for major headaches, allergies, hormonal issues, major pain, arthritis, thyroid imbalances, sinuses, skin issues, cold sores, etc. I have also had Terry treat me long distance for lung issues and it worked!! Terry is very professional and makes you feel quite comfortable while being treated. I truly do not know what I would do without her and her therapeutic skills! She is an amazing lady and is always coming up with new things to try with me as new issues arise.

D.F. Sackville, NS 

Professionalism and Results

     "My experience as a client at Mother Nature’s has been nothing but amazing. Terry is very professional and thorough in all that she does. She is very easy to talk to. I feel extremely comfortable discussing any medical issues with her. Terry is always willing to listen and to help with whatever problem you may have. I am a firm believer in alternative methods. . . Terry has made me a believer! The results that I have had with her have greatly improved my health. For this reason I do not hesitate to recommend her to family, friends and acquaintances whenever the opportunity arises." 

L.L.N. – Fall River, NS


Changed Her Life

        "It can be said very simply, and I say it often to many and any who will listen. . . Mother Nature's Natural Therapy Clinic - specifically Terry - changed my life! I was born with severe allergies (which were unheard of in small-town Nova Scotia in the early 60's).  My parents and I faced one major problem after another throughout my childhood.  I was a guinea pig for many suggestions, remedies and new and wonderful drugs.  No one knew what to do, and most attempts only succeeded in making me worse.  I was eczema and open sores from head to toe, often sick, and sat in a fog in school until at least noon each day.

       "As time went on, I found my own ways to cope, what to stay away from, what to avoid and what helped. Looking back, I don't know how I survived the countless anaphylactic experiences that were a regular part of my life.  As I matured, the allergic reactions and years of varied prescriptions began to show in other ways. . . with various other health issus manifesting including rosacea, irritable bowel, environmental illness, endometriosis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, depresssion, etc.

       "And then. . . my whole life changed in 1999.  I heard about Terry from a friend and made my first appointment.  After my initial visit I quickly started to read as much as I could about NAET (the technique she used at that time).  After spending a lifetime researching allergies, reading medical books and articles and seeing doctors and specialists on both coasts (and some in between), it was the first thing that had ever made sense to me. I embraced it! I have gone to Terry regularly since that time. I have referred many: family, friends, acquaintances, and strangers too. I have been functioning as a fairly normal person for over a decade now and have a good quality of life. I still go to Terry on a regular basis for any little thing that pops up, or just a monthly tune up!

       “ In all my years of knowing Terry and her staff, I have experienced only the utmost professionalism. I highly respect Terry’s opinions and advice and have the utmost respect for her. She is continually updating her knowledge through courses, reading and research. I regularly marvel at her ability to remember everything about me and my family (often things I don’t remember until reminded). She goes above and beyond to help others on a daily basis. I do not know what I would do without this very special and highly intelligent lady!”

M.B. Truro, NS

Environmental Sensitivities

       “Terry has taken care of me for a number of years now. I suffered with asthma, environmental sensitivities and stress-related symptoms. Her technique has immediate results and fine tuning over the years has helped me live a comfortable life with careful observance of my everyday dealings with the community. I have complete faith in her process and feel connected during the procedure. Her calming manner and approach make the experience very relaxing. She has used acupuncture for muscular problems and lower back pain as well as auricular acupressure. I would say Terry's total approach is all encompassing and any time someone complains about anything... I say: Go see Terry, she'll take care of you!”

R.T. Lawrencetown, N.S.

Knowledgeable Caregiver

       "I have been coming to Mother Nature's on a somewhat irregular basis for several years with various sensitivity issues that Terry has been able to zero in on, identify the offending allergen(s), and provide appropriate treatment. She has introduced me to various self-treatment methods including EFT and auricular acupressure that offer relief from various symptoms. I have found her very knowledgeable about various alternative health matters and she can readily identify causes/reasons for various adverse health issues and offer the solution.

       “Her knowledge of supplements identified those that are beneficial for me, as well as those that offer no health benefit, thus saving me money. I have encountered some health issues while traveling out-of-province and, amazingly enough, she has been able to provide me with long-distance treatment and verify that the treatment has worked, without seeing me. Most important to me, she takes the time to listen and to understand my health issues. Terry has helped me continue on the wellness journey started in 2002, and I never felt better."

C.W. - Halifax/Red Deer AB


Maternity Issues

      “Morning sickness and low milk supply are two pregnancy-related ailments that Terry resolved with her vast knowledge and abilities with acupuncture. This past December (when I was 2 months pregnant), I was nearly beside myself with nausea and the accompanying vomiting as a result of my pregnancy. At a friend’s suggestion, I called Terry and “Yes I can help you” was her response. I took the first available appointment and felt better very soon after that first treatment, with the vomiting nearly disappearing and the nausea considerably decreased. A few follow-up treatments and my morning (aka all day) sickness was CURED! I was thrilled.

      “With the arrival of my beautiful daughter Lucy in August came a new problem -- low milk supply. Lucy was very slow to gain back her birth weight, not content after feeds and was not having adequate outputs. Once again, I contacted Terry, and I am so glad that I did. Driving home after the initial treatment for the milk supply issue I felt for the first time, let down pains! I was so excited. Two follow-up treatments and many successful breastfeeding sessions later, I have enough milk for Lucy, she is now gaining more weight and her outputs have increased dramatically!

      "Terry has made a huge difference for me, both by making my pregnancy more tolerable and by helping with my milk supply issue, allowing me the precious experience of being able to happily breastfeed Lucy. My only regret is not knowing about Terry for my first child, Jack. THANK YOU Terry.”

K.A.R. - Halifax, NS 


Distance Therapy

     “A number of years ago while living in Halifax, I became quite unwell due to a chemical overload. I heard of Terry’s clinic and under her care I saw wonderful results. She was caring, warm and tireless in searching for solutions to my health issues and my condition changed completely. Many years later, then living on the West Coast, I experienced another health setback due to a car accident that altered my spine as well as internal systems such as hormones. I sought out a practitioner there, but recovery was very slow and my frustration grew at the lack of progress. I decided to call Terry, although knowing I could not travel to Halifax, but somehow hoping she might be able to offer some advice.

      “I was delighted to discover that Terry has had some success at treating people ‘over distance’. I had many questions, but in a short time saw such dramatic results that I was convinced this was a powerful tool that was bringing about my healing. This was so exciting and liberating for me. Not only did I not have to travel to Halifax, but I could be treated while at home or work. I also liked having the continuity of working with the same practitioner who already knew me. I am so thankful to Terry, and for this process which has enabled me to find tremendous help and healing.”

J.S. – Toronto, ON


For the Dogs

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