Bio-Energy Testing (currently not available)

An initial visit to our clinic normally includes a session of computerized bio-energy testing for all new clients from the age of about 7 years up. Referred to by various names including EAV testing, electro-dermal screening, and nicknames such as 'Omega' or 'Vega' testing, this relaxed, non-invasive form of testing involves taking a series of energy measurements at specific acupuncture points on the fingers and toes.


The resulting readings can reveal disturbances in energy pathways identified as acupuncture meridians throughout the body.  Bio-energy testing has proven useful in screening for allergies and other sensitivities, and can also aid in the detection of problems such as stresses on organ systems and abnormalities in the body's bio-chemical functions.  Although not widely recognized or utiltized in the field of traditional medicine, this type of testing technology has been used for decades by various alternative health practitioners such as naturopaths, acupuncturists and chiropractors, who can interpret and utilize the resulting data to better assess and treat their clients' conditions.


Testing Sessions

Testing appointments take approximately 90 minutes and include both a standard meridian stress assessment and a comprehensive screening protocol.  Clients are comfortably seated as a series of energy readings are taken by applying a blunt-tipped metal stylus to the surface of the skin at acupuncture points on the fingers and toes.  Test data is captured by computer and clients receive a full printout of their test results.


There is no need to fast or avoid medication prior to testing. Proper hydration of body tissues is important though, so it's recommended that clients drink at least a couple of glasses of water in the hours before their appointment.  You should also avoid the use of hand or foot lotions on the day of your testing appointment as this can

act as an insulator on the surface of the skin

and interfere with readings.



The non-invasive nature of this testing makes it well suited for children as well as adults.  We do not routinely use this type of testing for children under the age of 7, simply because of the requirement for the test subject to remain seated and relatively relaxed throughout the 90-minute session.  We find that children under that age often don't have the attention span or patience to sit still that long!  Accordingly, our therapist uses other forms of testing to assess health issues and conditions of younger children and infants brought to our clinic.


Bio-energy testing sessions at our clinic are conducted by our experienced testing technician

Bruce Robertson, utilizing a BioMeridian B.E.S.T. system. Bruce has been associated with our

clinic since 2004 and has conducted testing sessions for thousands of clients over that time.

Please note that fees for bio-energy testing are generally NOT covered by health care insurance.