Mother Nature's Natural Therapy Clinic has closed indefinitely due to the current Coronavirus pandemic, as directed by both the provincial government and our acupuncture professional association. At this time, it is uncertain when we will be able to reopen and resume service to our patients. This will ultimately depend on the spread and extent of Covid 19 infection in our area over the coming weeks.

       In the meantime, our therapist Terry is able to offer telephone or Facetime consultations for any patients who wish to consult with her before the clinic reopens. To arrange such a consultation, or to request an in-clinic appointment booking once we eventually reopen, please call (902) 832-1958 and leave a message.

       Thank you for your patience as we all collectively cope with the repercussions of this unprecedented global health crisis.



The extensively gardened grounds of Mother Nature's clinic are an ever-changing canvas of nature's beauty and wonders. From spring to fall, clients are welcome to take a stroll along the garden paths to view the wide variety of herbs, flowering plants and greenery that abound on the property.