Mother Nature's Covid Era Reopening


      We are pleased to announce that Mother Nature's Natural Therapy Clinic has reopened as of Tuesday, June 9, and we are now once again accepting client appointment bookings. Understandably, like many other businesses, we've had to make some major changes in how we operate as a result of the Covid 19 crisis, in part mandated by the provincial acupuncture association.


       Initially we will be open on a limited basis with appointments available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays only.  A number of changes have been made in appointment arrangements  to facilitate the new requirements for social distancing and sanitation protocols.  Terry, our therapist, will be seeing clients alone in the clinic (i.e. without a receptionist or other support staff present).  We've rearranged our appointment schedule to provide 15-minute gaps between appointments, both to allow time for our therapist to undertake the mandated cleaning and sanitizing protocols after each appointment, and to better facilitate social distancing (i.e. minimize the chance of encountering other patients coming or going during a clinic visit).


      In addition, only the patient being treated may enter the clinic for each appointment, except in the case of a young child patient , who may be accompanied on their appointment by one adult (i.e. parent/ guardian).  Anyone travelling with you to a clinic visit (eg. spouse, friend, child) will have to wait in the vehicle outside for the duration of your visit, as our former reception waiting area is now closed and patients alone will be allowed into the clinic.


      Under our new procedures, when you arrive for a clinic appointment, we ask that you wait outside in your vehicle and text Terry (902-430-2053) that you have arrived. She will then text you back when it is okay for you to come inside for your appointment. You must wear a mask for your visit (Terry will be masked as well) and, once inside, there are additional sanitation protocols (e.g. handwashing, wearing sanitized slippers) and a Covid 19 questionaire/declaration to complete.


      With additional costs of meeting Covid 19 sanitation requirements, the fee for a standard 45-minute appointment has been slightly increased to $85. Bio Energy testing services remain suspended for the time being and so are not currently available for new clients.


       Terry looks forward to welcoming back clients who have missed having her therapeutic services available over the past few months. In addition to resuming seeing clients in person, Terry will also continue to offer the option of having online consultations and therapy sessions through video chat platforms such as Facetime (i-phone), Facebook Messenger or Google Duo. During the pandemic lockdown, a number of our clients discovered the benefits of having such remote appointments via live face-to-face connections.


       We are working to make online booking available in  the near future. In the meantime you may continue to book appointments by calling the clinic number at 902-832-1958. Please note that there will be no receptionist on duty to answer calls during business hours so you may have to leave a message, in which case we will make every effort to follow up and return such appointment calls at the earliest opportunity.



The extensively gardened grounds of Mother Nature's clinic are an ever-changing canvas of nature's beauty and wonders. From spring to fall, clients are welcome to take a stroll along the garden paths to view the wide variety of herbs, flowering plants and greenery that abound on the property.