Aura and Chakra Consultations


       Aura and Chakra readings are now offered at the clinic. Our therapist has trained in the use of an advanced European technology to generate full color aura scans. Computerized scans are completed in minutes with readings obtained through dozens of electronic sensors on a hand reader pad. The resulting data is presented as color energy readings for the seven chakras and dozens of individual organs and body regions, as well as a full-colour, full-body aura scan image (see image at right).


       The chakra and organ readings obtained through the hand sensor can indicate areas where the body’s energy flows are weak or out of balance. This is proving useful as an additional tool that our therapist can use to identify and treat client health issues.


       Although this is now used in the course of some therapy appointments, clients who would like to obtain a copy of their aura image and a full analysis and interpretation of their aura and chakra readings must book a separate appointment for that.

Auramed BioPulsar Reflexograph & Aurascan software
Auramed BioPulsar Reflexograph & Aurascan software


      During an Aura & Chakra consultation, clients receive a full-colour, full-body scan of their aura, plus their individual chakra and organ readings.


      Our therapist will provide an analysis of the aura pattern and colors, along with the various chakra and organ readings, particularly as they relate to physical and emotional health matters. 


      Clients are offered specific recommendations on how to balance weak chakras through the use of colour energy therapy.



         Please note: Fees for Aura and Chakra consultations are NOT covered by health insurance.